Etsy listing color variation linking

What are Etsy listing variations?

We have multiple colors available for each material and for you to be able to offer these colors to your Etsy shop customers you have to use what’s called Etsy listing variations. It’s a setting on Etsy which allows you to add different options for the same listing. More on how to do that here.

Why linking is necessary?

Because you can come up with some creative names like Explosive Red, Scuba Blue, Glacier Gray, etc. you have to link these colors to the ones we offer so that when an order comes in we automatically know which color to use for your order.

How to link

Before you can link colors on 3D Vikings dashboard you have to add them to your Etsy listing, more about how to do that here. Once you have done that go ahead and edit the corresponding listing on your 3D Vikings dashboard and choose the colors you want to offer to your customers. Select colors that most resembles your color names and bellow a new section will appear. Once you have linked all the colors and everything else looks great you can submit the listing to get a quote.


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