How to integrate Etsy shop?

Since we offer 3D print on demand and shipping service, we can handle your e-commerce orders and fulfill them automatically and allow you to focus on new creative designs and ideas instead of worrying about the production process and storage space. Etsy provides a meaningful space for sellers to turn their creative passions into opportunity. The world needs less of the same and more of the special, and we offer you the tools to transform your wild ideas into reality. You might check this extensive guide about successfully running your Etsy shop.

Connecting Etsy store with 3D Vikings

Once you have an account with 3D Vikings and Etsy you can easily connect your Etsy shop with us from 3D Vikings account.

Before that Etsy policy asks you to list us as your production partner, more about that here.

Once that’s done you have to create your first Etsy listing. Once you have your first listing head over to 3D Vikings dashboard and click on “Connect with Etsy”, you will be redirected to Etsy and asked to allow 3D Vikings application access to your Etsy store. After you have granted access, your listing will be imported, and your store will be connected.

If you have listings that you fulfill yourself or through another service, you can just ignore them.

Now you can start adding 3D models to the imported listing and choose a material, color, infill percentage and add any special requirements or instructions for printing. Once you have done that and submitted it for a review we will analyze it and give you a quote. If you are happy with the price then you can accept it from that moment orders coming in for that listing will be sent to 3D Vikings for fulfillment.

3D Vikings will only ask you to pay once an actual order comes in from your Etsy store. The price you set for the listing on your Etsy store is the amount you will receive from your customer via Etsy payment platform. 3D Vikings charge you a set amount for 3D printing and shipping, and whatever is left over is your profit.

Your retail price – 3D Vikings price = Your profit.

The term ‘Etsy’ is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This application uses the Etsy API but is not endorsed or certified by Etsy.