Where can I find a designer who can design a 3D model for me?

To start earning everything you need is a 3D model, e-commerce platforms will take care of the sales and we’ll take care of the fulfillment.

Not everyone is a 3D designer but everyone can use 3D Vikings

If you have no experience with 3D modeling it’s not the end you can find a designer who can design a 3D model for you. Here are some ways you can get a 3D model:


1. Get free 3D models on thingiverse.com

Thingiverse community has uploaded more than 1 million models and all of them can be printed for free but not all of them can be used commercially. You have to check the license of each 3D model to see if it can be used commercially. If you find a model that you like, don’t forget to give a tip to the designer. Similar websites like pinshape.com and www.myminifactory.com also is an option.


2. Find inexpensive 3D models on Fiverr

Fiverr is a place where you can find 3D models at very cheap prices. You can buy a 3D model starting at $5. 


3. Find a freelance 3D designer

There are many freelance sites where you can find designers who can design a 3D object for printing. Sites like cadcrowd.com, designcrowd.comfreelancer.com, Upwork.com, and Guru.com are an easy way to find great designers to collaborate with.


4. Find 3D models on marketplaces

3D modeling can sometimes take quite some time if you can’t wait, then there’s an option to browse 3D marketplaces for a model at a relatively low cost. Here are some of the most popular ones:



You don’t have to be a 3D designer to use 3D Vikings. You can just hire someone who can design a 3D model for you, find a free model on Thingiverse or similar website, or buy a model from a marketplace.

And these are just a few options maybe you have a friend who’s good at 3D modeling and you are good at marketing? That would be a killer store!